Accessories & Wire

While the term “accessory” may bring to mind something superfluous, ours are anything but. In fact, they are meant to enhance, and sometimes even completely change, your audio/video experience. A list of all of products would be lengthy, but you might consider: Harmonix for a variety of room treatments and isolation devices; Grado and Stax headphones; maintenance products from Nitty Gritty record cleaners and Furman A/C line conditioners. We also have universal learning remotes for accessible control of every component and antennas that provide crystal-clear reception.

“Wire” most commonly includes speaker wire, component interconnects, and power cords. And while wire is not the primary focus of a hi-fi system, it does make a significant difference. It also matters that you choose wire that is customized for the system in which it will be used. We can help you get your money’s worth by selecting complementary wires to enhance the performance of your system. We carry speaker wire and component interconnects by Ixos, Nordost, Straightwire, Analysis Plus, LAT, Apature, Chord and PS Audio.

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