Tube electronics have been around since the 1920s.  Flappers and bathtub gin are gone but tubes are still here. Let’s go way out on a limb here and hypothesize that tubes are still here because they do something that has yet to be mimicked or downsized by any other device.

Today there’s more tube gear and more tubes that ever before. When used in audio gear they present a unique insight into musical performance that attracts a huge following. But tubes aren’t for everyone. It’s actually much easier to get solid state devices to produce big bass and giant dynamics–to rock, in other words.

But if your thing is chamber music,  quartet or jazz combo, then you should consider listening to some tube electronics here at Community Audio.  We carry tube-powered gear in all price points and sizes, so the sky’s the limit. Need a tube powered audio streamer? Got it! How about a tube output CD player? Absolutely! Or a cute iPod- ready 8” cube with remote control in cobalt blue? Yep. Tubes are everywhere if you look past the surface of the mass market, and they are as individual as the people who buy them.

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