Integrating state-of-the-art electronics with real life can feel a little like being dumped into a Franz Kafka novel or a Salvador Dali painting. What used to seem pretty straightforward–say, watching a TV show–can become an existential nightmare of Channels, Menus, Sub-Menus, vaguely threatening warnings (Bad Command!) and the toaster turning on when you are trying to dim the lights. The remote control’s implacable indifference to your desires morphs into something more akin to a teenager’s problem with authority: “Press that button one more time and I’m going to break the microwave!”

Here at Community Audio we think there’s enough of that just going through life in the real world.  We think enjoying music and pictures in your home, in whatever room you choose, should be fun and easy. Appropriate technology, geared to your specific level of involvement (fiscally and otherwise) is our specialty.

And integrating media into gracious homes without changing either’s essential character is what we do. With over 25 years in one of Philadelphia’s most historic neighborhoods, we have learned how to outfit fine old homes with state-of-the-art gear so that the two aesthetics can live in harmony.  Whether its a Sound-bar to enhance your TV sound, or a 16 room multi-media system, our primary concern is your satisfaction and piece of mind.

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